2022 Illinois 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest February 26, 2022 – Bloomington, IL

Fifty 4-H’ers Participate in State 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest

The Illinois 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl contest was held on Saturday, February 26, 2022 at the Chateau Hotel and Conference Center, East Peoria, Illinois.  Fifty 4-H members throughout Illinois participated in the contest.  Those attending from Stephenson County included:                                                                                 

Ben Bremmer, Eli Bremmer, Ethan Bremmer, Abby Busker, Magen Busker, Matthew Busker, Aidan Dinderman, Alaina Dinderman, Amery Dinderman, Ella Gunderson, Ethan Gunderson, Owen Gunderson, Blake Komprood, Collin Meier, Colton Meier, Jaymeson Pudwill, Jayse Pudwill, and Lila Sloan.

In the Jr. Division, the winning team was from Clinton County and included team members: Drew Lueking, Clinton Co.; Garret Beal, Clinton Co.; Kasey Clanton, Bond Co.; and Kenzie Krause.

In the Sr. Division the top two teams included 4-Hers: Shana Lueking, Clinton Co., Larson Carlson, Boone Co., Justin Irwin, Boone Co., and Allyson Aves, Boone Co. Justin and Lars along with Delana Erbsen, Nevin Erbsen, and Ben Bremmer have all been asked to represent the state of Illinois in the National 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest in Louisville, Kentucky in November.

The dairy quiz bowl contest challenges the 4-H members’ knowledge and quick recall of information relating to the various aspects of dairy cattle management and dairy products.  Each competition round included 12 questions presented one-on-one followed by 16 toss-up questions with bonus point options.  The 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl requires many hours of dedicated learning and a good understanding of the dairy industry.