Carroll-Lee-Whiteside 4-H Clubs Receive State Recognition

Each year, local 4-H clubs are encouraged to apply for recognition at the State Level in Community Service, Leadership, or Project Learning. Clubs must meet certain standards and answer questions to receive recognition. A few of the standards include establishing goals, participating in events beyond the club level, and encouraging club officers to assist with the planning and programming of the club. This year, we are excited to announce the following club’s in Carroll, Lee and Whiteside counties that have received state recognition.

Carroll County Chadwick Achievers 4-H Club
The Chadwick Achievers 4-H Club has always strived to serve their community and beyond. At their first meeting in September, they discuss the things that they would like to do to help their community. The children share about the people and organizations that they know of and where they would like to help. The club continues to share how they helped a teacher battling cancer, a preschool needing supplies, a school that provided cocoa days, donated ag books to the local library, and much, much more.

Whiteside County Cottonwood 4-H Club
By participating in the many community service projects of the club this year, members benefitted in many ways. Here are a few of the skills the 4-H members learned this year. They learned how to plant and care for annual and perennial plants; how to engage the public and talk about 4-H in general and their 4-H club specifically; how to support and encourage others; how to plan and put on a large event; how to shop for age-appropriate gifts and wrap them; how to be empathetic toward others and recognize needs in our community; how to raise money and track expenses; how to write appropriate notes and letters; how to speak with adults and make requests; and how to care for animals.

Lee County Young Seekers 4-H Club
By doing community service projects, club members were provided with opportunities to help out families in need of food (Buddy Bags), offer some holiday spirit to those who couldn’t be home for the holidays (Christmas Cards for Soldiers), collect and distribute much needed supplies to Animal Shelters, thank our small-town business owners, and salute our Veterans by sprucing up the park built in their honor. Club members were quite generous and surprised at the amount of food and animal shelter supplies collected.

Lee County AFC Aggies 4-H Club
This group of 4-H members wanted giving back to their community to be their focus. They all wanted to learn and grow as individuals, but they wanted to give back even more. Although the year was cut short due to Covid, members were able to provide a warm drink of hot chocolate to Christmas-Walk attendees in Ashton. They were also able to make an ordinary day into a full day of reminiscing for the residents at the Franklin Grove Living and Rehabilitation Center.

Writer: Kathy Book, Lee County 4-H Program Coordinator

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