With winter setting in once again, we all have that feeling of dread when the electric bill arrives each month:  How high will it be this time?  We used how much electricity?  Maybe it is time to gain a better understanding of how you use energy in your home and look at some simple changes to help reduce that bill.  With understanding of where the energy is used, you can make informed decisions about low and no-cost management improvements in your home energy efficiency. 

Plan to join Extension Educator Jay Solomon for “Home Energy Checkup with a northern Illinois perspective” an interactive webinar to learn some easy ways to approach identifying energy saving/ cost saving opportunities in your home. 

“Every home and family have a unique energy use pattern.  Understanding where energy is used in your home is the best way to find cost and energy saving opportunities.”  Solomon suggests.  “There are often groups of small changes and modification that can add up to big savings, without a lot of expense to home or appliances.” 

“Home Energy Checkup with a northern Illinois perspective” will be held on the Zoom on-line meeting platform. There will be two offerings of this webinar: Tuesday, December 15 at Noon, or Tuesday, January 12 at 6 p.m.  Each webinar will be an hour in length. Registration is required to attend and can be completed on-line at https://extension.illinois.edu/jsw . For more information, call University of Illinois Extension at (815) 235-4125. These webinars are presented as part of an Illinois Science & Energy Innovation Foundation educational grant funded project.