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Forage Council Sets Hay Auction Dates, Fall 2022

The Northwestern Illinois Forage and Grassland Council has announced dates for their upcoming hay and straw auctions to be held in Orangeville, Illinois.  The Council has sponsored these auctions for over 25 years.

The first auction will be Saturday, October 15, 2022, at 11 am at the Boco Mini-Mart adjacent to Route 26. Subsequent auctions will be held the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month continuing through April 2023.

As in past year, a 7% commission will be charged to non-members of the NW IL Forage and Grassland Council, members will be charged a 6% commission. There is no pre-consignment and no consignment fee. Quality tested hay, with accompanying printed analysis, is encouraged. Scale tickets are also encouraged, so the hay can be sold by the ton. A skid loaded will be available to reload bales onto the buyer’s trailer for $1.00 per bale.

Hay and straw lots for sale can be dropped off on Friday afternoon or early Saturday morning on the day of the sale.  If you wish to drop off your load on Friday afternoon or early Saturday morning, please call Mr. Phil Barker.

Questions about the auction can be directed to Phil Barker, Auctioneer (815-821-2544) or Don Brown, Jr. (815-238-8372).