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Rockford Woman Earns State Award

University of Illinois Extension-Winnebago County is proud to announce Terre McGee has recently received the Individual Excellence in Outstanding Programming Award. McGee, a SNAP-Ed Community Outreach Worker in Rockford, was nominated by her fellow co-workers for going above and beyond in reaching targeted audiences, and in her program delivery. She was presented with the honor at the Illinois Nutrition Education Programs conference in Champaign, IL on October 5. McGee was one of three individuals within the state to receive the award this year.

Community Outreach Workers implement the University of Illinois Extension Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Education Program (SNAP-Ed) within local communities. As a Community Outreach Worker, McGee teaches classes and provides information to local community members (adults and youth) in basic nutrition, food safety, physical activity, and food budgeting for low-income individuals and families within the Rockford area. The goal of a Community Outreach Worker such as McGee is to help SNAP eligible families make positive changes for their health.

Three of McGee’s co-workers came together to nominate her for the award. They describe her as a dedicated and hardworking person. “Her skills, knowledge, willingness to help others, and dedication to the SNAP-Ed program within our community make her an exemplary employee,” remarks Gina Adams, SNAP-Ed Program Coordinator. “She knows the areas where the most needs are and makes every effort to try to connect to individuals and families there.”

“I am pleased to see Terre recognized on the state level for the work she has done in Rockford. She is an important part of my SNAP team,” adds Winnebago County Director Margaret Larson.

McGee has worked in the SNAP-Ed program in Rockford for the past five years. “Thank goodness for good mentors,” says McGee, “their experience and dedication to SNAP-Ed has guided me into the person that I am today.”

“I really love what I do,” reveals McGee. “My favorite part is being out in the community teaching classes. Working in SNAP-Ed isn’t always easy, but there are so many life-enriching benefits that I get from it, especially knowing that I am helping to make a difference within our community.”

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Education Program (SNAP-Ed) and Illinois Nutrition Education Programs (INEP) are part of University of Illinois Extension. For more information, contact the Winnebago County Extension Office (815) 986-4357 or email or visit

SNAP-Ed Community Outreach Worker Terre McGee (second from left) with her co-workers who nominated her for the Excellence in Outstanding Programming Award. Pictured left to right are: SNAP-Ed Educator Carol Erickson, McGee, SNAP-Ed Community Outreach Worker Barbara Curry, and SNAP-Ed Program Coordinator Gina Adams.
Terre McGee poses with co-worker Gina Adams after being honored with the Excellence in Outstanding Programming Award in October. McGee is a SNAP-Ed Community Outreach Worker with the University of Illinois Extension Office in Winnebago County. Adams and two other fellow co-workers nominated McGee for the award.