Saturdays With A Whiteside Master Gardener Kicks Off

STERLING, Ill. — Beat the winter blahs, start thinking spring!  What better way to look forward to spring than to start planning your garden!  Gardeners have taken their cue for planting times from nature – join Whiteside County Master Gardeners as they navigate common garden folklore. Learn how seasonal signs can tell you which chores to do in the garden!

“Grab your Websters’! It’s time for Pant Phenology” will take place on Saturday February 12, 2022 from 10AM – noon at the Whiteside County Extension Office, 12923 Lawrence Rd., Sterling, IL.  You must be registered to attend, to register online at: or by calling Mary Nelson at (815) 632-3611.  Registration will be limited to 25 participants, social distancing and masks will be required.

“Grab your Websters’! Its time for Plant Phenology” is the first in the Saturdays with a Master Gardener series. Join Whiteside County Master Gardeners throughout the year and explore the world of gardening! There will be a special swag bag for a lucky individual at the end of the year!