Ag in the Classroom

Providing educators and students with resources to help them understand the vital role of agriculture in their lives and society.

The Ag Literacy Program helps people of all ages better understand the importance of agriculture and natural resources to our area. The program reaches youth and adults by providing interactive educational learning activities in and outside the classroom.

Classroom activities are available on the following topics:

  • Plants
  • Natural Resources/Environmental Education
  • Livestock
  • General Agriculture
  • Careers
  • Technology
  • Energy
  • Nutrition
  • And so much more.....

If you would like more information about Ag Literacy, please contact Dawn Weinberg (Hancock) or Kinsey Tiemann (Adams).

2023 Quick Program Highlights

Resources for Teachers

Illinois Ag in the Classroom

This website has many lessons and activities related to agriculture.

National Ag in the Classroom

This agricultural site has several resources for teachers to use and a wealth of information for students to learn.

University of Illinois Extension Schools Online

A wonderful site for students, teachers, and parents to visit. Some of the interactive lessons include The Great Plant Escape, The Adventures of Herman (The autobiography of Squirmin' Heman the worm), Riding the Winds with Kalani, and many more.

Ag Mags

Ag Mags can be ordered any time of year to be distributed to your students. Check with you Ag Awareness Coordinator to see if your selection is in stock.

National Agricultural Statistics Service

NASS website is a searchable database for county information on any commodity.

USDA Economic Research Service

ERS will provide you with agriculture information for each state. There are also links to county-level data. Click on the state to get the state fact sheet.

Hancock County Ag Literacy Program Resources

Comprehensive listing of activities

The brochure introduces Ag Literacy and the purpose for the program. It has information about agriculture in Illinois and Adams County. Included is a form for sponsorship of an Adams County Classroom.

Illinois Ag Facts

This is a one page front to back handout with tables of information about agriculture in terms of economics, livestock, crop, farmland and farmer.

Featured Activity Ideas