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bee in bee hotel
Check-in your bee hotel to support pollinator research
URBANA, Ill. — Bee hotels buzz with activity, but is it the right kind? A graduate student at University of Illinois is researching bees and needs help, in the form of donated used bee hotels, from the public to understand if these man-made nests are helping or harming bee populations in...
a teen ager helping a younger girl with a glass etching project
4-H Clover Clinic offers project exploration to all youth
CANTON, Ill. - Break free from winter boredom at 4-H Clover Clinic 2024! This dynamic workshop day promises a world of exploration and hands-on learning! Registration is open to all youth. 4-H Clover Clinic is a one-of-a-kind event designed for both current 4-H members and young...
Person holding two chickens and smiling at the camera in a chicken coop.
Register for a local 2024 Certified Livestock Manager Training session
URBANA, Ill. — Depending on an operation’s size, livestock manager training certification is required for many Illinois production livestock facilities. Having certified individuals on staff strengthens an operation through shared knowledge and building conversations with individuals responsible...
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Early spring is a wonderful time to view wildlife in Illinois. Woodcock, one of the earliest of the migrating birds, return to the state and start displaying to attract mates and set up territories. Mole salamanders will head to breeding pools, even when ice is still on. Crawfish frogs and...
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