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Whether you’re battling invasive species on your property, starting to compost at home, or trying to maximize the value of timber on your farm, doing the right thing for the environment isn’t always clear. The University of Illinois Extension team of natural resource experts connects communities around the state with research-based resources and best practices because small changes at the local level can have a big impact on the environment.

West-central Illinois offers so many natural gifts to ponder, enjoy, and explore - the changing seasons; two major river networks which mark the borders and are the very heartbeat of the area; and an unfathomable amount of flora and fauna with which we coexist. From the tiniest speck of soil to the stars shining so brightly from above, Illinois Extension connects natural resource research and latest information to west-central Illinois communities. Illinois Extension helps landowners and homeowners navigate the complex forestry, water, soil, and wildlife issues in today's world.

Landowners in west-central Illinois can learn how to apply conservation practices on their farms or properties through our hands-on workshop series, Your Land, Your Legacy. Within this program, we aim to close the gap between what landowners want to do and getting it done. Small to medium acreage landowners can expect to meet with natural resource professionals, gain hands-on learning on how to implement conservation practices, and network with other landowners doing the same work.  Workshops will focus on topics such as establishing pollinator plots, managing forests properly for ecological and financial benefit, controlling invasive plants, prescribed burning, and restoring streams and ponds.

Learn more about conservation topics and upcoming events through our western Illinois newsletter, Deep Roots.


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