Wits Fitness Mt. Carroll Library will meet monthly May-December 2021.

Join University of Illinois Educator Karla Belzer each month as she leads participants through interactive activities designed to exercise the brain to maintain and enhance cognitive function and memory. You are never too young or too old to get started training your brain, so join Karla in this fun and informative class.

Location:  All sessions will be held at the Mt. Carroll Library, 208 N Main St. Mt. Carroll, IL

Dates: May 6, June 16, July 7, August 5, September 2, October 7, November 11, December 2

Class is free and open to the public. You are welcome to join any time.

All sessions are FREE, but registration is required one week prior to workshop.  Register online or by calling 815-632-3611.

For additional information, please contact Karla Belzer at kbelzer@illinois.edu or by phone at 815-632-3611.

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