Explorers of the Deep 4-H STEM Challenge | Buoyancy

Are you interested in STEM and ocean exploration?

Our task will be to learn about the threats to ocean health while building a model of an ocean robot.

During this session, we will build a model of an ocean robot and practice looking at the types of data a real robot could collect from the ocean.

Register by September 30!

Additional sessions will be held on October 17 and October 24.

  • October 17 | Ballast | Attempt to achieve neutral buoyancy and play an augmented reality board game to learn more about ocean geography
  • October 24 | Ocean Advocacy | Use math to see how density is related to buoyancy and work on ocean advocacy

Ages 8 - 15

Please email or call Ben Steele with questions.

If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate, please contact the event coordinator through email or call 217.877.6042. Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time to meet your needs, when possible.

*There is no fee for this program.

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