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Selling Meat in Illinois | Livestock Production and Principles for Beginners Webinar Series

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While having the skills to raise your livestock is important, another crucial piece is determining how you will market and sell your meat. Join us on Thursday, February 29 at 6 p.m. for "Selling Meat in Illinois."

During this online webinar session of Livestock Production and Principals for Beginners Webinar Series, Doug Gucker, Local Foods Systems and Small Farms Educator, will provide an overview on the rules and regulations when it comes to working with meat processors to sell meat within the state of Illinois. 

The Livestock Production and Principles for Beginners Webinar Series has returned for 2024. This monthly series, first launched in 2023, addresses the needs of those who are getting started, exploring the concept of, or even assisting those currently raising livestock. With a focus on helping those who are brand new to livestock, 4-H families may be interested in these sessions. 

"For those starting their livestock journey, we know that it can be challenging finding the right resources and getting the right answers," states Grant McCarty, Local Foods and Small Farms Educator. "This webinar series presented by U of I Extension experts aims to cover essential and relevant topics that producers can put into place for the upcoming season, gaining confidence in their livestock production."


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