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Beef Cattle

Beef Cattle

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Read article: Cattle Handling Reminders
Cattle Handling Reminders
Isn’t it fun to watch people that are good at handling cattle? I love it. We all aspire to be better stockman and handling animals correctly is a big...
Read article: Planning your cattle journey
Planning your cattle journey
I have been traveling recently. I hop in the truck, load the navigation app and off I go. Within seconds, I know exactly how to get to my destination...
Small group of black and white Simmental cows grazing in cornstalks.
Read article: Can I graze cows on cornstalks?
Can I graze cows on cornstalks?
Grazing cornstalks is arguably the best cost-saving strategy Midwestern cattlemen can deploy. The cost of grazing cornstalks is low; first because...
Calf with 2-step weaning nose insert
Read article: Investigating the two-step weaning strategy in beef calves
Investigating the two-step weaning strategy in beef calves
It is that time of year again when producers are preparing to wean  calves. Weaning can be one of the most stressful events for both the calf and the...

News Releases

cattle on pasture
Pasture Management: Recovering from 2023
Why recover from 2023?  Timely early-season rains, which help start crops off reasonably well, gave way to hot, dry conditions for the last half of the season. This resulted in many area pastures and hayfields ending the growing season in rough, beatdown conditions.  Add to the short hay supply...
Black Angus cow standing in a snowy, grassy pasture amongst evergreen trees.
Discuss beef cattle management at Dudley Smith Farm winter meeting
URBANA, Ill. — Discussions and decisions made during the winter months can impact managing a beef cattle operation all year. The Dudley Smith Winter Farm Meeting is a chance to come together to learn through the farm’s traditions, sustainable agriculture practices, and hands-on research...
beef cattle on pasture
Driftless Region Beef Conference Jan. 25-26
Beef producers from three states invited to attend With nearly 2.5 million cattle in three Midwest states, university extension services in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin are teaming together to offer the Driftless Region Beef Conference.  The twelfth annual event will be...


Grazing Cornstalks


Travis Meteer, Illinois Extension Beef Educator, discusses why grazing cornstalks is a low cost, readily available forage makes sense and money.

Safe Animal Handling in Beef Cattle


Safe animal handling is critical for ensuring safety of both handlers and the animals. In this episode of Grazing Planners Speak, Travis Meeter (University of Illinois Extension) provides an overview of cattle behavior and how to ensure safe animal handling as a grazing planner....