Fruits on Friday

Extension offers Webinar Series about Growing Fruit

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Some of the most common questions received at the University of Illinois Extension office throughout the year are related to growing fruit in the backyard. As many growers are looking to move beyond the vegetable garden, adding fruit can be a wonderful addition. However, due to our planting zone and seasonal needs, there can be some challenges with selecting, growing, and managing these fruits.

University of Illinois Extension is pleased to announce a series of webinars called Fruits on Friday that will focus on the basics of fruit production for some of the most common fruits that growers in Northern Illinois plant and grow.  Each week, a different fruit will be discussed and give you the information you need to determine if it’s right for you, general practices you may need to be doing before and during the growing season, and suggestions of seasonal management and variety selection. These webinars are designed for those who want to plant in the 2021 growing season and those who have been growing for some years.

Fruits on Friday will be held from Noon-1:00PM. The schedule and topics are as follows: January 15: Apple and Pear, January 22: Stone Fruits (Peach, Cherry) and others, January 29: Grapes, February 5: Strawberry.

To register for Fruits on Friday, visit us on-line on at or call (815) 235-4125. Registration is $5 per webinar or the entire series for $15.