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Harvest is stressful: 4-H, Kendall-Grundy Farm Bureau says Support-a-Farmer

MORRIS, Ill. – With Harvest 2022 well underway, University of Illinois Extension’s 4-H program and the Kendall-Grundy Farm Bureau urges support for farmers throughout the county.  Grundy youth and volunteers, supported by both programs, devoted their Monday to help bring joy to farmers who might be facing a stressful time of year.

Collage of images from the Support a Farmer event

“Our Support a Farmer event was a great chance for us to give back to those who sacrifice so much of themselves for our community. A pick-me-up of a little bag of treats is the least we can do to say thanks,” says Brooke Katcher, Illinois Extension 4-H program coordinator serving Grundy County, “We heard so many positive comments and it was also a good time for our 4-H youth to experience and see just how many people are out in the fields this time of year, all in an effort to feed our community.”

The event, held at the Kendall-Grundy Farm Bureau on Monday, packed over 300+ bags which consisted of some snacks, homemade baked goods, window clings, and more, all with a message of support for the community agricultural professionals that work hard to feed the County.

Bags were delivered by youth to local elevators.  Special thanks to Cargill Inc of Morris, FS Grain of Mazon, CGB Dwight, and The DeLong Co. Inc. of Morris for allowing us to distribute the bags.  Some bags were even delivered directly to farmers in the field.

According to Victoria Lundh, Kendall-Grundy Farm Bureau manager, the event helps shine light on an industry that is often overlooked: “Programs like this help remind us all to be thankful for the work our farmers are doing to provide the food, fiber, and fuel we use daily. As we become more generations removed from the farm it is important to provide these reminders and to thank them.”

Supporting a farmer, according to Lundh, is as easy as “having a little patience. During the harvest season there are an increased number of trucks and large equipment moving from field to field. We can all help by giving them the space they need and having a little patience when we encounter slow moving vehicles.”

Resources to help support the farmer in your life are available online from both the Farm Bureau and Illinois Extension

For resources from Illinois Extension, including information on market prices, cash rent, farm documents, and access to experts, visit  Resources from the Kendall-Grundy Farm Bureau are available online at

According to Lundh and Katcher, the fast paced, high stakes time of harvest can be a particularly stressful time for agricultural professionals.  According to a survey by the American Farm Bureau Federation, financial issues (91%), fear of losing the farm (87%), and farm/business problems (88%) all impact the mental health of farmers.

If you or someone you know is dealing with the stress of the harvest, help is available.  Please visit for free resources.  More information on farm stress including information on free mental health vouchers for agricultural producers and their families, can be found at

For more information on the 4-H program, please visit  Information on the Kendall-Grundy Farm Bureau can be found online at


SOURCE: Brooke Baker-Katcher, 4-H Program Coordinator; Victoria Lundh, Kendall-Grundy Farm Bureau Manager.

WRITER:  Anthony Warmack, Communications & Marketing Program Coordinator

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