Illinois Extension helps National Road Project become reality

When multiple parties come together because of a similar interest, it doesn’t always spell success. Having clear goals, structure, and regular information sharing can magnify an organization’s impact. One such example of successful collaboration is Illinois Extension’s role in the National Road Trail Project in Clark County.

Collaborating and learning
Community and Economic Development Educator Tiffany Macke is the facilitator bringing together individuals interested in preserving a valuable piece of the county’s history. Creating a multi-use trail system will foster health, wellness, tourism, and economic development for Clark County. By bringing together multiple parties, idea sharing and a deeper understanding of needs can occur.

Collaborating to coordinate current efforts
By assembling interested parties, the working committee for the Clark County Board has organized public meetings, invested $70,000 for a feasibility study, and begun to formulate a plan. Macke’s role in aligning the committee’s efforts allowed the group to experience progress in 2021.

Collaborating to develop solutions
Because of Illinois Extension’s involvement, the National Road Trail Committee members and community volunteers had opportunities to donate over 350 hours toward the project. The value to the county, including the county board investment, is close to $80,000. The group is looking forward to reviewing the Strategic Plan and completing the feasibility study in 2022.