Macon County 4-H Member Receives State Award

Benjamin Suckow, 15-year old 4-H S.C.R.E.A.M club member, was recognized at the Illinois 4-H foundation awards ceremony in October. Benjamin received the Illinois 4-H Experience Emerald Project Learning award.

4-H Experience awards recognize those 4-H members who have excelled in trying new things, experimenting in project areas that interest them and exploring opportunities around the state and country. The awards criteria include four dimensions: participation, community service, leadership and project learning. Diamond and Emerald are the highest levels of the 4-H Experience awards and recipients are recognized at the Illinois 4-H foundation awards ceremony each year.

Benjamin’s accomplishments include 4-H club president, 4-H show and teen tech advisory board member, and community service projects. He has also made presentations and taught other 4-H members about SCRATCH and demonstrated a CNC router at a FIRST Tech Challenge regional robotics workshop.

“4-H has allowed me to try a lot of different activities like cooking, aerospace, woodworking, and much more, said Benjamin. “Through these experiences,

I've been able to find my passion, which is programming and robotics.”

“Ben is an outstanding 4-H member here in Macon County and so deserving of this award,” said Jenna Ward, University of Illinois Extension Program Coordinator for Youth and Development. “He does so much in the community and is always willing to lend a helping hand with any 4-H programs or activities we do. His knowledge and leadership skills makes him a great mentor to our other 4-H youth. We are so proud of all his hard work here in Macon County 4-H!”