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Janet Moody

Janet Moody
Kankakee County SNAP ED Community Worker

1650 Commerce Drive Bourbonnais IL 60914

Program Areas
Illinois Nutrition Education Programs

Janet joined the Kankakee County Extension team in 2006, working with the then “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) “program as a part time academic hourly employee. Her time was split with SNAP and Youth. During these years she created her own children’s literature based programs for Pre K-2nd graders, plus worked with adults teaching basic nutrition knowledge, and assisted with several Camp Clover summer programs.

 In 2011, Janet became a full time Community Worker in the Illinois Nutrition Education Program. Her work with pre-K students continued, along with K-3 students, senior citizens and adults. For several years Janet saw every Head Start student in the county on a monthly basis, moving to using “It’s Fun to Be Health” and Color Me Healthy” curriculums. She continues to connect with elementary students using “OrganWise Guys” in school and “Illinois Junior Chef” and “CATCH Afterschool” programs in the summer and after school. Her work with adults continued with “MyPlate for My Family” and recently “Healthy Cents” curricula.

Janet enjoys the diversity of her work within the Kankakee community. She speaks Spanish and has conducted many programs in it. Her expertise in the language continues to grow by both frequency of use and dedicated study with the University’s Spanish Cohort program. She has become active in the Statewide INEP program in helping to plan their Fall Conference. Janet plans to continue her work in the county and the State for as long as she can.

Outside of the University, Janet is very active in her church community, and with her family and friends. She loves being around people and helping them grow to their full potential. The extended family that she calls her own includes a brother, a sister-in-law, a brother -in -law and two sisters, plus six nieces and nephews. Her cats are also an important part of her life.