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Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education


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ISPP Director Evangeline Pianfetti with Scroll
Read article: A Servant's Heart: The task is arduous, the road is long
A Servant's Heart: The task is arduous, the road is long
It’s hard to believe that this summer the Illini Science Policy Program ushered in its fourth cohort of Scholars. In many ways this program, which at...
baby and mommy
Read article: Should I breastfeed?
Should I breastfeed?
Breastfeeding…it can be tough, but oh so worth it!  August is National Breastfeeding month and a wonderful time to raise awareness of the benefits of...
Cluster of images: Image of body weight scale with tape measure, and vegetables; image of group of people walking in field; image of group of people doing yoga outdoors; image of a variety of fruits and vegetables; center image says Prevent with a check marked box, and Cure with a box unmarked
Read article: Why are my joints feeling stiff and sore?
Why are my joints feeling stiff and sore?
If you have been experiencing stiffness, pain, and a decreased range of motion or flexibility in and around your joints, you may have osteoarthritis...
Image of people with arthritis. Person with arthritis in knee, fingers, lower back, upper back and shoulders, ankle, hip, wrist and knee
Read article: Follow these tips: Reduce the risk of arthritis
Follow these tips: Reduce the risk of arthritis
Arthritis is a condition in which one or more of your joints become inflamed, often leading to stiffness, soreness, swelling, and in some cases, pain...

News Releases

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Healthy holiday charcuterie board workshop being offered
FREEPORT, Ill. - Charcuterie boards are fun to eat and make the perfect appetizer for entertaining. However, traditional charcuterie boards can be packed with sodium, nitrates, saturated fat, and calories. Instead of a traditional board, treat your family and friends to a healthier option this...
Extension’s diabetes clinic finds the fuel to fight cancer
EUREKA, Ill. – Food is one tool to support cancer prevention, treatment, and care. Join Nutrition and Wellness Educator and Registered Dietitian, Jenna Smith, to discuss the research on how foods may reduce your risk of cancer and ways to incorporate nutrition to help manage side effects of...


SNAP-Ed Impact and Return on Investments

A return-on-investment analysis estimated the economic benefits of the IL SNAP-Ed program per dollar spent. A model was constructed using program data and prior literature to estimate the number of obesity and food insecurity cases prevented by IL SNAP-Ed. Altarum’s Value of Health model was...