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A Message From Our County Director

Ginger Boas

As I reflect on the past year, one theme emerges: expansion. We haven't just maintained the momentum of our existing programs; we've actively sought out new audiences and communities, particularly in rural areas and local schools, where the need for our services is often most pronounced.

This expansion stemmed from a deep understanding that knowledge and opportunity should be accessible to all, regardless of location or background. We believe that by reaching out to underserved communities, we can amplify our impact and contribute to building a more equitable and resilient society.

This annual report will tell the story of our journey. You'll read about:

  • Innovative programs designed to address the unique needs of rural communities, from financial literacy workshops to mental health awareness campaigns.
  • Fruitful collaborations with local schools, bringing our expertise directly into the classroom and empowering young minds.
  • Inspiring stories of devoted volunteers dedicating countless hours to bringing beauty, knowledge, and mentorship to the hearts of their communities.  

I invite you to celebrate our team's dedication, our supporters' generosity, and most importantly, the resilience and potential of the communities we serve. 

Ginger Boas
County Director

This year's impact report features...

A little girl pets a calf while holding ice cream.

The Spark of Curiosity: How Cloverbud Camp bridged the gap for 4-H families

A unique solution bridges the gap between young and old members in a 4-H program by creating a mentorship camp where teenagers lead workshops and younger children explore different 4-H projects, sparking curiosity and fostering a sense of community. This innovative approach benefits both age groups, inspiring younger members and providing leadership opportunities for teenagers.

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A person stands in front of a group of people at a library.

Bringing tools and training to rural communities

Illinois Extension's Family Life team tackles two big challenges in rural communities: brain health and social isolation for older adults. Their programs offer practical information and resources to keep minds sharp and social connections strong.

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A woman smiling holding a potato while making a recipe in an industrial kitchen.

SNAP-Ed sprouts healthy habits across generations in Champaign County

SNAP-Ed in Champaign County offers fun, educational programs to teach healthy eating habits to all ages, from kids exploring farmers' markets to seniors learning meal planning. Their programs empower people to make informed choices about food.

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A bee stuffing itself into a flower to pollinate it.

Local team of volunteers take on pollinator decline crisis

Pollinators play a vital but often unseen role, affecting more than just our dinner plates. While their contribution to our food supply is undeniable, with 35% of global food production relying on them, their impact goes much further. Read more to discover the hidden world of pollinators and how a local program empowers homeowners to create habitats in their own yards.

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