From food safety to nutrition to chronic disease prevention and management, Illinois Extension is committed to helping individuals and families live the best versions of their lives. Various health and wellness programs and training opportunities are available for community groups, childcare providers, school food services, and employers interested in worksite wellness programs.

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Shopping on a Budget. Where to Start: Decluttering Your Home and Finances.

Shopping on a Budget and Where to Start: Decluttering Your Home and Finances

Feeling overwhelmed by grocery bills and clutter? This double feature talk tackles both! Illinois Extension's Family Life and Nutrition and Wellness Teams are bringing an exciting double feature to Immanuel Lutheran Residences, 1415 Eastview Ave. Danville, IL 61832 at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, April 24. The events will occur in the community room and are open to the public.

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University of Illinois Extension Day at the Martens Center

Extension Day at the Martens Center

University of Illinois Extension and the Champaign Parks District are throwing open the doors to the Martens Center, Champaign's newest community hub, for a free event designed to connect residents with a wealth of resources and celebrate a sense of belonging. The event will occur on Saturday, May 11th, from 1 to 3 p.m.

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Dial-Gauge Pressure Canner Testing

Dial Gauge Pressure Canner Testing 

Calling all home canners! The University of Illinois Extension is offering a helping hand to ensure your favorite jams, jellies, and vegetables are preserved safely this season with free pressure canner lid testing clinics throughout May. We will be hosting a clinic at our Vermilion County office, 3164 North Vermilion, Danville, IL 61832 on May 16, our Ford-Iroquois Counties office, 916 W Seminary Ave, Onarga, IL 60955 on May 23, and our Champaign County office, 801 N Country Fair Dr., Suite D, Champaign, IL 61821 on May 30 from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. each day.

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Sourdough Starter Class

Sourdough Starter Class - Cissna Park Community Library

Are you tired of the same old store-bought bread? Craving the tangy taste and fluffy texture of homemade sourdough? Join Illinois Extension and the Cissna Park Community Library for an introductory class and unlock the secrets of building and maintaining your thriving sourdough starter! ‍The class will occur on May 23 at 5:30 p.m. in the Cissna Park Community Library, 511 N 2nd St., Cissna Park, IL.

We also have classes in Danville and Hoopeston.

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Jars of assorted vegetables and fruits.

Free Pressure Canner Testing

Dial pressure canner gauges need to be tested once a year. Over time, a dial gauge’s calibration can become inaccurate and show an incorrect pressure. If the pressure is even slightly lower than recommended, the internal temperature of the food will not be high enough to kill all the bacteria, and harmful toxins can build up and cause illness or death.

To get your pressure canner dial gauge tested, drop off your lid at any of our county offices. Once the lid is tested, you will be contacted about the results and for pick up.

Pressure canner testing is available at other Extension offices around the state as well. For more home preservation resources, visit the state Pressure Canning page. Questions? Feel free to reach out to our educator, Rachel Mannen!

Other Resources

  • State Health Website - Every day can be a good day when we balance all the dimensions of our wellness. We often rush through our day taking care of everyone who needs us. Living well means taking time for ourselves so we can be healthy for others who need us. Let Extension sort through all the information and offer you practical, trustworthy ways to improve all aspects of your wellness. Small steps can add up to big changes. Let's make the wellness journey together.
  • Food Website - We know you want healthy meals for your family. You need simple, healthy options; instead, you're bombarded with nutrition claims everywhere you turn. You're unsure what to believe and who to trust. Eating healthy shouldn't be this hard. At Illinois Extension, we take the guesswork out of nutrition. Our educators provide unbiased, research-based information and make it easy to understand. We have nothing to sell, so all you get are the facts. Then, you confidently choose what works for you and the people you love.
  • Managing Diabetes - Diabetes is a disease where glucose in the blood is higher than normal. Glucose is a kind of sugar that comes from foods. Foods that have glucose in them include carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are foods like apples, potatoes, and other vegetables, fruits, or dairy.

    Blood glucose that is too high is called hyperglycemia. Glucose is carried through the blood and is used for energy.

  • Feeding MY Baby - Giving birth to a child is both exciting and scary, and you want to make the best decisions about your child’s well-being. The advice given by family, friends and the media can be overwhelming and confusing. How do you know what, when and how to feed your baby? When is the best time to start feeding your baby solid foods? How do you know when your baby is hungry or full? This University of Illinois Extension website provides expert information to put you at ease when feeding your baby.

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