Teacher and Classroom Resources


Health Rocks (grades 3-10)

This program helps youth understand influences and health consequences of tobacco, drug and alcohol use to make healthy choices. Youth will develop strategies to recognize, understand, and manage potential levels of personal stress using mindfulness techniques and engaging in activities that focus on positive youth mental health. Develop community strategies which address risky youth behaviors and build positive, enduring relationships.

Mindful Me (grades K-2)

This health & wellness program utilizes children’s literature and hands-on activities to introduce youth to basic concepts in mindfulness practices. The program promotes mindful practices that lead to improvements in managing one’s own goals, developing a sense of self, time management, stress management, emotional regulation, and mindful eating practices.

Your Feelings Matter (grades 3-6)

Feelings can be confusing!  Your Feelings Matter allows youth to explore what emotions are, how to express them, and how to react to them in a positive way. 

Your Thoughts Matter (grades 7-12)

Understand what mental health means and its impact on those around us. Learn about different mental health disorders and identify strategies for self-help and helping others.

  • Identify the differences among some common but serious mental health disorders
  • Understand how society communicates about this issue in casual speech and in the media
  • Identify strategies of self-help and be part of the solution