Food Preparation & Safety

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Preparing healthy meals can be so challenging.

We know you want healthy meals for your family. You need simple, healthy options; instead, you're bombarded with nutrition claims everywhere you turn. You're unsure what to believe and who to trust. Eating healthy shouldn't be this hard. At Illinois Extension, we take the guesswork out of nutrition. Our educators provide unbiased, research-based information and make it easy to understand. We have nothing to sell, so all you get are the facts. Then, you confidently choose what works for you and the people you love.

We can help you start your wellness journey.

Every day can be a good day when we balance all the dimensions of our wellness. We often rush through our day taking care of everyone who needs us. Living well means taking time for ourselves so we can be healthy for others who need us. Let Extension sort through all the information and offer you practical, trustworthy ways to improve all aspects of your wellness. Small steps can add up to big changes. Let's make the wellness journey together.

Understanding core health and wellness topics are an important aspect of your family's overall well-being. From food safety to nutrition to chronic disease prevention and management, Illinois Extension is committed to helping families across the state and beyond live the best versions of their lives.