Youth learn the importance of fiber-rich foods during Whole Grains Month.

University of Illinois Extension and 4-H have put together fun, interactive educational kits designed to inspire the inner chef to celebrate National Whole Grains Month this September.

Whole grains are an important part of a healthy and well-balanced diet. They provide fiber and many key nutrients our bodies need. Fiber also promotes gut health and helps aid in weight management. On average, only 5% of Americans are consuming adequate amounts of fiber each day. In addition to fruits and vegetables, incorporating whole grains is an excellent way to meet your fiber goals.

Youth will learn how much fiber they should be consuming daily and how to select high-fiber foods. After learning which foods are high in fiber, they will be able to identify simple swaps they can make in their meals and snacks. Developing these healthy habits early on will help to foster a healthy lifestyle into adulthood. 

This project is ideal for families to work on together or for youth with cooking experience. Register now for this September program. The cost is $5 per kit. Each kit includes the September "I Made That!" booklet, fun activities like the "whole grain detective," and birdseed ornaments. You will also receive healthy whole grain recipes for you and your family, locally sourced popcorn, and old-fashioned oats for use in recipes.

Kits will be available for pick up Tuesday, September 7, 2021