2022 Adams County 4-H Fair

4‐H SCHEDULE OF PRE‐FAIR JUDGING EVENTS – Adams Co. Farm Bureau Basement 

Saturday, July 23          

8:00 am Clothing & Textiles and Food Demonstration Check‐In Begins    

8:30 am Clothing & Textiles and Food Demonstration Judging Begins Fashion Revue will begin immediately after clothing & textiles judging is finished    

1:00 pm Judging of 4‐H Dogs & Cats



Tuesday, July 26    

8:00 am General Show Check‐In Begins    

8:15 am General Show Judging Begins    

9:30 am General Show Check‐In Closes    

Wednesday, July 27    

7:00 am Check‐In 4‐H Equine    

8:00 am Judging of 4‐H Equine in Horse Arena

Thursday, July 28    

9:00 – noon Rabbit Check‐In    

4‐6 pm    4‐H Sheep Arrive    

6:00 pm Judging of 4‐H Rabbits in Rabbit Barn    

6‐8 pm    Check‐In & Weighing of 4‐H Swine

Friday, July 29    

Noon  Judging of 4‐H Sheep Projects in Open Sheep Barn    

1:00 pm Judging of 4‐H Dairy in Show Barn    

4:00 pm Master Showmanship Contest    

6:00 pm All 4‐H Beef in Place & Checked‐In

Saturday, July 30    

8:00 am Judging of 4‐H Swine in Swine Barn    

9:00 am 4‐H/Open Beef Weigh‐In    

Sunday, July 31    

4‐6 pm    4‐H Goats Arrive/Weigh‐In    

8:00 pm   4‐H Swine Release

Monday, August 1    

8:00 am Judging of 4‐H Goats in Goat Barn    

Noon    Judging of 4‐H Poultry in Open Sheep Barn

Tuesday, August 2    

8:00 am   Judging of 4‐H Beef    

4‐6 pm    Release of all 4‐H Projects

For questions or more information, please contact Adams County 4-H Program Coordinator, Siera Duesterhaus at 217-223-8380 or snthomps@illinois.edu

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