Get Your Tools

Stick to the basics as you begin to garden.

Gardening is like cooking; they both require tools, and companies out there will try to sell you all kinds of gadgets. But gardening doesn’t require an arsenal of devices to be successful. Following is a list of tools that will come in use for most gardeners.

  • Hoe: Great for weeding, covering seeds and chopping up the soil.
  • Rake: Used to prepare the seedbed and to break-up large clods of soil.
  • Spade: Used to dig up the garden in preparation for planting and for adding organic matter to the soil.
  • Trowel: Used for digging holes for transplants and breaking up the soil around plants.
  • Labels, string, ruler: Used to layout rows and measure correct spacing. Each vegetable should have a label with the name of the vegetable and the date seeded or planted on it.
  • Watering can: Used to water in seeds and transplants. Larger gardens will benefit from a dedicated water supply of a garden hose or better yet irrigation system.
  • Clean bucket: To haul in your bushels of tomatoes!
Are your garden tools ready for the season?

Before you store your garden tools for winter, do these simple tasks.