4-H Records

Completing your 4-H Records is the annual process of recording what you did throughout the year.  Your Records include:

  1. What you learned, made, and accomplished in your 4-H project work.
  2. Community service, leadership, and participation in 4-H, school, religious, and community activities.
  3. A written narrative about what you learned, challenges you faced, and what you plan to do in the future.

Why should I do 4-H Records?

  • Earn awards - everyone who submits Records will receive an award from the county office.
  • Be ready for future scholarship, college, and job applications.
  • Gain organizational skills by tracking your activities.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments!

How do I get started?

Keep notes about what you do throughout the year to help you remember everything.  You may want to fill out a Records Tracking Sheet every month and keep them all in one place.  At the end of the 4-H year (August 31), use your notes to complete a Records Form and turn it in to your club leader.  Records are reviewed at the county level, and you will be given feedback on areas to expand or improve.  It's completely fine if your Records are small your first year. It's never too late to get started, and your accomplishments and your Records will grow every year!

Records Tracking Sheet

Blank Records Form - Fillable PDF (for members age 8-18)
Download and save the form before you start filling it in.

EXAMPLE Records - member age 8-10 -- COMING SOON

EXAMPLE Records - member age 11-13 -- COMING SOON

EXAMPLE Records - member age 14-18 -- COMING SOON

Cloverbud Record Book (for members age 5-7)


4-H Scholarships

Illinois State 4-H Scholarships - most due November 1, 2021

Heartland Beef Alliance Scholarship - due January 30, 2021

Logan County 4-H Foundation Scholarship (High School Senior) - due February 26, 2021

Logan County 4-H Foundation Scholarship (College Student) - due February 26, 2021

Menard County 4-H Scholarship - due March 1, 2021

Sangamon County 4-H Foundation Scholarships - due March 31, 2021