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A multi-faceted approach to healthy living on a budget

Learning to eat healthy on a budget is a hallmark of the SNAP-Ed program. Other areas of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education include:

• Find Food IL website to help participants find places in their
community offering free food or meals.
• Eat.Move.Save website which promotes fun activities to get
the whole family moving, along with recipes that taste great
and is easy to prepare.
• School programming to teach elementary students how to
keep their bodies healthy.

SNAP-Ed community workers Hope Dennis and Tammy Evans spend their days visiting food pantries where they teach about specific food topics and provide healthy recipes for participants. They also provide the OrganWise Guys program to elementary students. Using the fun body-part characters from the OrganWise Guys curriculum, Dennis and Evans engage youth through games, books, and videos to teach healthy living topics. Students who participate in this program are shown to have improvements in weight, BMI percentile, blood pressure, and test scores.