Two Free Online Personal Finance Classes with Catholic Charities in Kankakee Counties

Please call 815-933-7791 ext: 9910 to register!

Thursday, September 10th @ 2:00PM

How to Save Money on Food
At the end of a busy day, when you’re hungry and tired, do you go home knowing
you’re all set to prepare a tasty, healthy dinner or do you pick up food at the most
convenient spot? Are you happy with the amount of money you spend on food every
month? In this lesson, we’ll examine strategies that you can use to keep food costs
low. Learn to create a realistic food plan that balances money, time and nutritional

Tuesday, September 22nd @ 2:00PM

Elder Financial Exploitation
Older adults are at risk for financial exploitation. Abusers can be friends, caregivers,
financial advisors, and even family members. In this program we’ll focus on
recognizing and reducing the risk of financial exploitation for yourself, your friends
and older relatives. Resources and strategies for best practices will be shared.

Sasha Grabenstetter, AFC®
University of Illinois Extension Consumer Economics Educator
Classes are for residents of Kankakee County who are ages 60 and older.

Please call 815-933-7791 ext: 9910 to register!