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model in virtual fair shirt

Want a shirt commemorating the virtual show? Order yours here!  (Note: Vermilion County 4-Hers who entered the show will receive a shirt thanks to the Vermilion County 4-H Federation).

Everything you need for a virtual show entry is here!

All 4-H Summer shows are virtual. This includes Champaign, Ford, Iroquois and Vermilion Livestock shows and General Projects shows, and our unit Public Presentation show. Entry deadlines are listed below.

  Submission open Judging Occurs
Ford County
All General Projects
Through June 20 June 23-30
Ford County
Horse (held with Champaign)
Through July 20 July 21-31 (tentative)
Vermilion County
All General Projects
Through June 22 June 23-30
Public Presentation
All counties
Through June 8 June 9-15
Champaign County
Dog Show
Clothing & Textile Show

Dog: Through June 27
Clothing: Through July 1

July 6-10 (tentative)

Champaign County
All other General Projects
Through July 20

July 21-31 (tentative)

Iroquois County
General Projects
Through July 13 July 14-24 (tentative)


Fair Entry: Champaign | Ford | Iroquois | Vermilion

All projects

Directions on how to submit your project - This is VERY similar to how you would make your entry in past years in FairEntry, except at the end you upload your project instead of bringing it to the show. We highly recommend you have your project completed BEFORE beginning the submission process.

How to videos: see how to do a general project here and a livestock project here.

Virtual Show Upload Requirements (find what you need to upload here)

Project Report form (required for most projects)

Cloverbud Project Report form (required for all Cloverbud projects)

Video Upload information

How to upload your video  (you will need this for all live animal projects and some general projects)

Link to upload your video: Champaign | Ford | Iroquois | Vermilion

Project Specific Information

County project/show books: Champaign | Ford | Iroquois | Vermilion

Public Presentation show information (all four counties)

Live animal project information

Virtual Livestock Classes being offered

Example livestock videos (please note these are 15~ seconds longer than 4-H allows)

Poultry Show information

Dog Show information - (all four counties - classes differ slightly from past years) from State 4-H

Horse Show information

Higher-speed internet access may be helpful to upload videos in some areas. If you have bad connectivity or slow internet at home, please visit to see if there is a free drive-up WIFI hotspot near you. We strongly encourage you to do some testing of drive-up WIFI performances in advance.

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