Nutrition, Wellness, and the Brain is a six-part series taught by Corinne Cannavale, a graduate student in the neuroscience program at the University of Illinois.


1. Intro to Nutrition and Brain Health

Learn where to find reliable information about nutrition and health. Increase awareness and understanding of whole-food nutrient bioavailability, including understanding supplements and where they fall short and how to get the most of your vitamins.

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2. Early Life Nutrition and Brain Health

Understand which nutrients are known to impact prenatal brain development and address the positives of breastfeeding on the infant's brain.

3. Childhood Nutrition

Learn which nutrients are thought to be beneficial for optimal brain health in childhood. Then research will be shared on evidence for improved cognitive function (intervention trials) and nutrition status in children.

4. Physical Activity in Childhood

Guidelines for physical activity and non-sedentary time for childhood will be defined. Then research will be shared pertaining to the beneficial effects of aerobic exercise on brain function in childhood.

5. Nutrition and Wellness into Adulthood

Benefits of nutrition on cognitive function into adulthood will be presented while showing evidence for physical activity benefits on brain health.

6. Nutrition, Wellness, and Aging

Learn about the benefits of adequate nutrition and physical activity for proper brain function for older adults.

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  • Handout