Knowledge is Power: Evaluating Scientific Claims

Every day, we are bombarded with information online about our health, but it is not always easy to tell what is correct. Join neuroscience researcher Corinne Cannavale for this session focused on how to evaluate scientific information seen in the media.


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Don't sleep on sleep: How sleeping can impact brain functioning

Do you know why we sleep? We all have experienced a bad night?s sleep that leaves us sluggish and irritable, but what are the benefits of a good night?s sleep? Join neuroscience researcher Corinne Cannavale to learn about the latest research on why we sleep and how lack of sleep can impact your daily life.

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Decoding that diet you saw on the internet: keto, gluten-free, and fasting 

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the different diets you saw on the internet? Have you wondered if you should try the diet that your friend just started? Come learn from nutrition researcher Ru Liu, MS about the gluten-free diet, ketogenic diet, and intermittent fasting, and gain the tools to decide whether those diets are for you.

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The Ins and Outs of Menopause: Research-based Strategies to Improve Your Wellness During Midlife 

Do you know why people go through menopause, and what can happen during this transition? What about ways to improve your health during this period of your life? Come learn from neuroscience researcher?Katherine Hatcher, Ph.D. about the ins and outs of menopause?what it is, why we go through it, what symptoms arise, and what makes those symptoms worse. You?ll also have the chance to learn about research-backed strategies to improve your health and wellness during this critical time of your life!

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Training Your Immune System: Outlining the Effects of Exercise on Immune Function 

In the wake of a pandemic, immune health has become a significant public health concern as of late. There is evidence that suggests exercise can be used strategically to enhance multiple aspects of immune function. Join nutritional sciences researcher Noah Hutchinson as he outlines practical ways to use exercise as an additional tool in your prophylactic repertoire.

Making Your Habits Stick: All you need to establish lasting behavior change  

We are all trying to establish some behaviors that we have long-known we need to incorporate and root out some others. Interestingly, this topic has been studied non-stop in various fields. Join nutritional sciences researcher?Jonathan Cerna to learn what the science says regarding scaling adherence to your current level of preparation, and how to apply it to common frustrating areas: diet and exercise.

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  • Nutrition:
    • Fat Loss Forever - book
    • Carbon - App
  • Exercise:
    • The Muscle and Strength Pyramid - book
  • Meditation:
    • 10% Happier - book, podcast, app
    • Waking Up - app
    • Headspace - app
    • Insight Timer - app
  • Behavior Change
    • Atomic Habits - book
    • Noom - app

The role of Genetics/Epigenetics in the Relationship between Nutrition and Cognitive Aging  

The genes you inherit influence almost every aspect of your health and wellness. But, did you know that you could modify this effect with what you eat? Join?neuroscience researcher Mickeal Key for a presentation that will focus on (1) How one of the primary risk factors for cognitive decline, ApoE, is related to cognitive function in older adults and how nutrition might be used as an intervention tool and (2) The relationship between nutrition and epigenetics and its effect on cognitive aging.

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Move your way to a better day: How exercise can combat stress, anxiety, and depression  

Now more than ever, you may be feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed. Join kinesiology researcher Emily Erlenbach to learn how you can use exercise to improve your mood and produce lasting changes to your mental health.

More Than a Gut Feeling: How Diet Impacts Your Gut Microbiome and Health 

Have you heard of the gut microbiome? Did you know that what we eat can affect these little organisms in our gut? Join Leila Shinn, MS, RDN, to learn about the trillions of bugs that live in our gastrointestinal tract and the role our diets play in shaping our gut microbiome.


Viral History: The Black Death, Spanish Flu, and COVID-19

This presentation examines the history of the Black Death, Spanish Flu, and COVID-19 to elucidate on how pandemics have shaped global history. Join history researcher Saniya Ghanoui, MA, to learn about the causes and spread of pandemics and the impact they have on vulnerable populations.