Across Illinois and the Midwest, a variety of organizations work together to prevent and remove invasive species. 

  • Illinois Invasive Species Council: Established in 2005, the IISC's mission is to minimize the economic and ecological impacts from invasive species. The Council provides information and recommendations to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and the public.
  • Cooperative Weed Management Areas: These partnership organizations are formed with the goal of managing invasive plants across jurisdictional and landownership boundaries.
    • Headwaters Invasive Plant Partnership: HIPP is a cooperative weed management area in East Central Illinois to address terrestrial and aquatic invasive plants. Formally established in June 2015, HIPP is built upon the efforts of a six-year Invasive Plant Task Force established by the East Central Illinois Master Naturalists.
    • River to River CWMA: This area is a partnership between 13 federal and state agencies, organizations, and universities aimed at coordinating efforts and programs for addressing the threat of invasive plants in Southern Illinois.
  • Midwest Invasive Plant Network: The MIPN works to reduce the impact of invasive plant species in the Midwest by drawing on the knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm of a diverse group of participants and partners.
  • Illinois Forestry Association
  • USDA Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service
Local News Releases
amur honeysuckle
Invasive and Nuisance Plants Workshop Offered in Freeport
FREEPORT, Ill-----Fall can be a suitable time to address some landscape plant issues. Woody plants and other perennials can best be managed during the fall. If you have noticed some plant types are taking over your landscape, this is the time to exercise some control for a better next year,...
close up of hand holding several small flat larvae of an emerald ash borer
Land-grant universities key in managing devastating Emerald Ash Borer
Emerald ash borer (EAB) is an invasive insect that threatens to destroy North American ash trees following its accidental introduction from Asia in the 1990s. Since then, efforts have been underway to identify the most effective means of protecting ash trees from attack.   In...
Invasive Maackii fruit plant with text overlay reading Illinois Invasive Species Symposium
Symposium offers 9 sessions on understanding and controlling invasive species
URBANA, Ill. — Illinois is home to beautiful wild spaces, but invasive species are a growing threat in our forests, lakes, backyards, and agricultural fields. Invasive species pose a serious threat to native species and natural ecosystems and cost the country billions of dollars to combat....
burning firewood
Burning local firewood this winter can save forests
URBANA, Ill. – Nothing beats the warmth of a crackling fireplace on these coldest days of the year. Each winter, as my family enjoys the cozy warmth of our woodstove room, I’m always thankful for the firewood supply we’ve been fortunate enough to accumulate. Most of the wood we burn...
Eastern (top) and Western (bottom) Banded Killifish. The Eastern subspecies may be edging out the Western fish in its native range.
Illinois report says native fish overlooked as invaders in U.S. waters
URBANA, Ill. – Rivers split across mountaintops and other geographic barriers may flow only a few miles from one another, but to the aquatic creatures in those waters, the separation could represent millions of years of evolutionary time. So, when an angler or a curious child moves a fish from...
digging up invasive plants
Best way to estimate costs for invasive plant removal? Get out and dig
URBANA, Ill. – Plants are designed to travel. They might not stand up and walk, but many plants produce seeds or other bits that can be carried long distances by wind or animals and start growing. While that might be great news for the plant, escapes like these can disrupt natural ecosystems and...
Spring Invasive and Problematic Plants in the Landscape
With the warmer weather, things are starting to green up.  Our landscapes are coming back to life with the showy displays of new plant growth and flowers.  But are all those the plants you expected and want? Are there plants taking over your landscape, timber, or open areas? Some of...
An opening in a forest
Prevent the spread of invasive species in Illinois
URBANA, Ill. – You may not know what an invasive species is, but you've likely heard about them and the price tags they can carry. The estimated cost of managing the damages caused by invasive species such as the emerald ash borer or Asian carp is $120 billion annually in the U.S. ...
Invasive jumping worms confirmed in Morgan County
Jumping worms, an invasive earthworm making its way across Illinois, have now been confirmed in Morgan County (Jacksonville). Also known as Alabama jumpers, crazy worms, or snake worms, this invasive species is named for its unique, active movements. Jumping worms were first discovered...