Forbs herbaceous flowering plants.

Forbs can grow and complete their life cycle in one year, annuals, two years, biennials, or can take 3 or more years to mature and produce flowers and seeds, perennials. Invasive forbs can flower and produce large amounts of seeds that make management difficult.

Invasive Forbs of Concern in Illinois

Identification and Management of Herbaceous Invasive Plants

Herbaceous invasive plants are a threat to forest health, productivity, and diversity. This webinar, presented by University of Illinois Extension Forester Chris Evans, explores how to identify common Illinois invasives, tools for controlling these invaders, and new species to keep an eye out...

Spring Ephemerals: Four Seasons Gardening

Restore healthy ephemerals. These bulbs get their name because of their quick appearance in the environment in the early spring, flowering even before leaves have fully grown on deciduous trees. Horticulture Educator Gemini Bhalsod guides you through the interesting diversity of spring...