Our Work Against Invasives

We work better together

Across the state, Illinois Extension works with local communities to remove invasive species and restore natural areas.


Staff provide consultations and programs for landowners and managers and early response to invasions.


Master Gardener and Master Naturalists lead invasive species removal days and restoration.

In Southern Illinois, volunteers removed 1,715 pounds of garlic mustard from three sites, and 3,851 autumn olive trees at Gardens of the Gods. A partnership between volunteers, Extension foresters, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers led to the identification and removal of Japanese honeysuckle at Carlyle Lake. 


4-H member projects support invasive prevention. 

Help protect Illinois natural areas

The Illinois Extension Master Naturalist Program provides science-based educational training and connect peoples with nature to help them become engaged environmental stewards.

The program educates and trains adult volunteers so they are better equipped to share natural resource information with others in their communities and to assist with environmental conservation and restoration activities. We all have a responsibility to protect the natural resources in the places where we live in order to ensure our world is fit for the future. University of Illinois Extension partners with local agencies to accomplish the Master Naturalist mission.

You can make a difference. Become a Master Naturalist