Commercial Agriculture

Commercial Agriculture spans a wide range of topics and works to address the needs of various producers. The expertise of our local educational specialists combined with the resources of the statewide Illinois Extension system form a powerful source of information and insight for agricultural producers in our region. 


Annual Applied Research Report

2021 Applied Research Results: Field Crop Disease and Insect Management

The 2021 Field Crop Insect and Disease Applied Research Report provides farmers with updated control efficacy and pest distribution information for major pests of corn and soybean. Use these evaluations to guide control decisions, track performance over time, and see trends in pest populations. Included in the 2021 guide:

  • Surveys of key insect pests, including corn rootworm Japanese beetle, and dectes stem borer.
  • Western and northern corn rootworm Bt resistance monitoring and field trait performance results
  • Evaluations of fungicides and insecticides (both foliar and seed treatments) in corn and soybean
  • Establishment of a long-term trial to explore entomopathogenic nematodes for rootworm control
  • Summaries of weather and a production overview for the 2021 growing season


Managing Farm Stress