Emotional Eating: How Stress Impacts Hunger, Appetite


Believe it or not, we do not always eat just to satisfy our physical hunger. In fact, many of us turn to food for a number of reasons. Perhaps we are looking for comfort, or we are feeling stressed and overwhelmed with life. Then again, we could be looking for a way to reward ourselves. Eating when we are not truly physically hungry can lead to unintentional weight gain, heartburn, and even impact our ability to get a good night’s rest. If you find yourself eating for reasons other than physical hunger, this 90-minute online presentation could be for you.

Emotional Eating: Understanding How Stress Impacts Hunger & Appetite, will be presented by the University of Illinois Extension, Nutrition and Wellness Educator Diane Reinhold. During this presentation, we will increase your awareness of how emotions and stress affect eating habits and increase your ability to identify emotional triggers leading to emotional eating, and provide helpful steps for you to reach your wellness goals.

This free, on-line presentation will be offered Thursday, March 25, from 1 – 2:30  p.m. Registration is required, registration deadline is March 23. For more information, or if you need a reasonable accommodation to participate, please contact the University of Illinois Extension at (815) 235-4125, or visit us online at go.illinois.edu/jsw.

Diane Reinhold is a University of Illinois Extension, Nutrition and Wellness Educator, and registered dietitian. For more about upcoming programming on nutrition and wellness, visit go.illinois.edu/jsw or call (815) 235-4125.