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  • Being Mindful in a Busy World - We all lead such busy lives that our mental, emotional and physical health suffers from the disconnect that can happen between ourselves and Life. Mindfulness is the act of paying purposeful attention to the present moment. It offers us a way to enjoy our lives more and reduce stress through a few simple practices. Participants will learn how paying attention in a mindful way can reduce stress, and they will practice at least three easy techniques to increase life satisfaction.
  • Building Resilience in Yourself and Your Workplace - Highly resilient people have the ability to adapt, recover and grow stronger from adverse situations. Learn what characteristics these resilient people possess that help them create opportunities from challenges, and how YOU can also nurture and strengthen your resilience.
  • Caregiving: a Burden or an Opportunity? - Caring for a dependent adult is much like riding a roller coaster. At times you are at the top experiencing the rewards that come from caring for another person, and at other times you may feel like you are plunging down a long hill. Join us as we discuss the losses associated with caregiving, strategies for dealing with stress, practical tips  for caregivers, and the benefits of the caregiving experience.       
  • Harmony in the Workplace - You know that you are stressed at work but have you ever taken the time to specifically identify the issues? Through interactive discussion, you will identify your stresses, how to approach your supervisor and identify your resources for managing stress in the workplace. Finding harmony with work and your personal time is intentional. Find out how stress spillover can impact your health and relationships. You will develop a personal plan for minimizing the impact of stress on your personal well-being.
  • SImplify Your Life by Clearing the Clutter - Does the clutter in your house cause you stress? Do you have at least one room that is off limits to company? Is the clutter a cause for conflict with other family members? Do you want less clutter but you are too overwhelmed to begin? Many of us struggle to keep up with the clutter in our lives. If this sounds like you or someone you know, come and learn ways to organize your life in order to de-clutter and reduce stress

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