Encouraging Environmentally Sound Landscape Practices 

Conservation@Home West Central Illinois recognizes and certifies properties that demonstrate environmentally sound landscape practices. Through the Conservation@Home certification program, residents of Fulton, Mason, Peoria & Tazewell Counties have the opportunity to shape their private and community landscapes in a conservation-minded way with guidance and criteria provided for them. Below you will find criteria for homes, schools, and community settings. 

Conservation@Home Yard Certification Process 

For a one-time fee of $50, certified gardeners will receive a Conservation@Home sign to post in their yard, a subscription to our seasonal newsletter, and early notifications/discounts during native plants sales. *Fee waivers are available for those with financial needs.  

Steps for Certification: 

  1. Resident submits application and $50 fee.
  2. Conservation@Home program staff review application. 
  3. If applicant is not ready for certification, resources are provided. 
  4. If applicant is ready for certification, evaluators will schedule a yard/property visit.
  5. C@H evaluators visit property. 
  6. If criteria is met, Conservation@Home sign is awarded to resident.