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Karla Griesbaum

Karla Griesbaum
Environmental and Energy Stewardship Educator

801 N Country Fair Drive, Suite D Champaign IL 61821

(217) 333-7672
Program Areas
Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy

Karla Griesbaum is an Illinois Extension Educator in Natural Resources, Environment, and Energy. Her work focuses on land stewardship, climate change mitigation, natural areas restoration and management, volunteer training, education and outreach, science communication, and program development in this field. She has a bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Science and a master’s in Plant Biology from the University of Illinois. She also has experience with Curriculum Development in the Sciences. Her specialties include microecology, plant-microbe relationships, soil ecology, conservation, regenerative agriculture, symbiotic relationships, and resource sustainability.

She has volunteered with the Land Conservation Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, and her local public school district. Previously, she was a Conservation Planner for the Department of Agriculture, implementing conservation strategies and government cost-share programs for local landowners. She is excited to collaborate with the rest of the Extension staff to bring environmental education to our communities. Her greatest accomplishment is her family and children; she loves connecting children and adults with nature.