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Native Plants

Native Plants


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Mike McGraw in a prairie next to an oak tree sapling
Read article: Master Naturalists partner with The Nature Conservancy to survey and assess newly planted trees
Master Naturalists partner with The Nature Conservancy to survey and assess newly planted trees
Protecting and restoring Illinois' natural landscapes is a team effort, and the ...
A picture of pink flowers in a garden
Read article: How many natives should I plant?
How many natives should I plant?
Gardeners considering the wildlife or ecological value of their plant selections have a lot to consider these days.   New information is emerging...
recycled jugs and plastic bottles filled with soil and covered in snow
Read article: How to try winter sowing
How to try winter sowing
Winter is a time to stow away your gardening tools, put your gardens to bed, pack away your gloves and dream of warmer weather, counting down the...
4 packages of seeds
Read article: January and February are prime time for winter sowing
January and February are prime time for winter sowing
Winter sowing is a cost-effective and low maintenance way of starting plants for the garden. The creator of the winter sowing method, Trudi Davidoff...

News Releases

Text "Rain Garden Rumble" with illustrations of native plants
Root for your favorite native plant in Rain Garden Rumble playoff
URBANA, Ill. — It’s plant versus plant in the return of the Rain Garden Rumble that pits native flowers against each other in a friendly competition to take home the 2024 title. This March, get to know 28 plants native to Illinois by building a bracket and voting for your favorites in the annual...
Red-throated hummingbird.
Learn how to attract ruby-throated hummingbirds to your backyard
Have you noticed different birds at your feeders? Although ruby-throated hummingbirds are expected visitors to gardens east of the Rocky Mountains, several species of vagrant hummingbirds have been documented in Illinois. Did you know that there are citizen science projects looking for your...
People crouched around a raised garden bed with vegetables growing in it. One woman is taking notes.
Get inspired to get growing at regional garden days
URBANA, Ill. — Imagine picking fresh fruit off a tree in your backyard. Or snipping fresh herbs from a potted plant growing on your windowsill for a family meal. Gardening is an adventure, and each spring is a new opportunity to grow. Whether your garden is a few houseplants by a window...


Reduce Flooding & Water Pollution with Rain Gardens and Native Plants

Rain gardens and native plants incorporated into home and business landscapes can help to reduce localized flooding, improve local water quality, provide habitat for wildlife, and much more. Learn how to consider natural options to handle rain runoff and walk through the recent renovation of the...

KILL Your Callery Pear & Burning Bush and plant these instead

Are they invasive? Not legally in the state of Illinois. (Yet!) But we are seeing Callery pear and burning bush escape from our yards into natural areas across the state. Today Ken and Chris talk about these two plants, give some background, and then what we can plant instead of these baddies!...