Producers intending to apply restricted use pesticides on their own property or property that they lease in the production of an agricultural commodity must have a Private Applicator License. Producers must have that license to both purchase and apply those materials.

Producers have to pass a Private Applicator Test administered by the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDA) in order to be licensed. If the individual producer successfully passes that test, he or she can then pay a fee to the Illinois Department of Agriculture and a license will be mailed to them.

U of I Extension does not administer the test and does not administer the distribution of licenses for restricted use products. However, Extension does assist producers via providing test-only sites.

A test-only session is offered on Feb. 4, 2020, from 10 a.m.-Noon at U of I Extension, Peoria County, 4810 N Sheridan, Peoria.

Individuals wishing to attend this test-only session must pre-register. There is no fee to attend. Bring a calculator!

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Event Date(s)
Event Time
10 AM to Noon
University of Illinois Extension, Peoria County office, 4810 N Sheridan, Peoria