You’ll laugh. You’ll make new friends. You’ll even learn cool ideas to take back to your 4-H Club at this year’s Illinois 4-H Junior Leadership Conference. The conference is open to 4-H members in 7th and 8th grade.

Registration closes when we reach 100 participants, so don’t wait till the Jan. 24 deadline. Do it now!


This year’s conference will be held at the Holiday Inn in Effingham!

In addition to cool things to do, you’ll participate in these fun workshops:

•Flying into the Virtual World:Explore STEM with 4-H! Take a trip to Europe, South America, and Africa through the world of Virtual Reality. Put your problem solving skills to work and help solve international problems in the form of fun engineering challenges! Come work with 4-H to explore the world of technology that surrounds us and those in other countries.

•Tacky Tourist Trivia:Explore the world of trivia with your tacky tourist guides. Throughout the trivia tour, you will test your knowledge of the world, 4-H, pop culture, and more as you work with your team to win the Tacky Tourist Trivia Tournament.

•Weathering the Storm of Agriculture:Are you experiencing the calm before the storm? Do you know how weather and agriculture affect one another? Come and see the impact of both agriculture and weather across the globe.

•Follow Our Lead:Follow our lead, as we take a trip to India to learn and practice dancing fusion style. On our journey, we will experience the culture and rich history this dance has to offer.

•Pass the Plate:This workshop is your gateway to nutrition around the world. We will be exploring international diets, learning about the components of proper nutrition and completing a food science experiment. Also, help package meals as we learn more about food insecurity in Illinois

Event Date(s)
Event Time
Check in opens at 10 AM, Pick up on Sunday by 11:45 AM
Keller Convention Center, Effingham