Explore all the amazing things 4-H has to offer at 4-H Spark Camp! Join us for any or all 10 individual and engaging sessions led by 4-H staff & volunteers. These interactive, hands-on sessions will cover a wide array of topics and will help bring young people together (virtually) to learn new skills and discover new passions.

4-H Spark Camp is free and open to all young people, but is most appropriate for elementary and middle school youth. All sessions will be held on Zoom and connection details will be emailed out to those registered. Most sessions also include a supply kit that can be picked up at your local Extension office a few days prior to the session.

Session descriptions are below.

Slithery Snakes – Sat, Nov 21 at 10am

  • Registration deadline - Nov 19
  • No supply kit

Do you like snakes? A college biology professor will show you her two snakes, demonstrate how they shed, maybe show a snake skeleton or model, and a video of a snake feeding. Learn about types of snakes in Illinois and some differences between venomous and nonvenomous species.


Sweet Kitchen Science – Sat, Nov 14 at 10am

  • Registration deadline - Nov 7
  • Supply Kit Pick Up at your local Extension office - Nov 10 - 13

Are you interested in the science behind food? Have you ever wanted to learn how to make homemade candies? Well, Sweet Kitchen Science is the workshop for you! Come explore the science behind homemade candy, while whipping up a batch of fudge. And the best part, our recipe uses the microwave, so no stove needed. Just think of what awesome gifts you will be able to make for your family and friends after this class!


Holiday Wreath – Tues, Nov 17 at 6:30pm

  • Registration deadline - Nov 7
  • Supply Kit Pick Up at your local Extension office - Nov 10 - 17

Deck the halls with holiday spirit! In this fun, hands-on workshop you will be making a beautiful decorative ribbon wreath for the Winter holidays. The wreath can be used as a decoration for your home or as a gift. Plus, it could be exhibited as a visual arts fiber project at next year’s 4-H fair.


Winter Porch Arrangement – Mon, Nov 23 at 6:30pm

  • Registration deadline - Nov 14
  • Supply Kit Pick Up at your local Extension office - Nov 17 - 23
  • Please note: A watering can or container, garden gloves, and a table covering (newspaper or a garbage bag work great) will be useful in this session, but won't be provided in your kit.

Are you ready to “spruce” up your porch or entranceway for the holidays? Join us for this 4-H virtual workshop and learn how to create a basic, round floral arrangement using fresh evergreens. Your creation will be an outdoor, winter-long decoration! Basic floral arranging skills and techniques from the 4-H Floriculture project will be demonstrated. You can keep your porch or entrance area cheery by making simple changes to the basic arrangement throughout the winter months!


DIY Smartphone Projector – Mon, Nov 30 at 6:30pm

  • Registration deadline - Nov 19
  • Supply Kit Pick Up at your local Extension office - Nov 17 - 23   Please note: Our offices will be closed Nov. 26 & 27 for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Do you miss going to the movies? In this awesome session, you can make your own home theater with just a few basic materials. You’ll hone your engineering skills while learning about light and lenses as we make our very own smartphone projectors. Join us to turn recyclables into inventions!


4-H Shooting Sports: Arrow Trajectory & Aiming – Thurs, Dec 3 at 6:30pm

  • Registration deadline - Dec 1
  • No supply kit

Do you hit your mark every time? Do you miss it sometimes? In this session we'll try to help you hit more often. For those interested in archery, a basic understanding of arrow trajectory is needed to hit the bullseye at different distances. We will use simple demonstrations and experiments you can perform at home to explain how arrow trajectory (flight path) works. After discussing trajectory, we will talk about how arrow trajectory is related to point of aim. We'll talk about how point of aim can be adjusted for different distances so you can hit your mark. This session applies to both compound and recurve archery. For this session, you will need to have 4 sheets of paper, a pen or pencil, a ruler, and an arrow (or something shaped like an arrow that's about 28 inches long, such as a dowel rod or broomstick handle).


Electric Motor – Sat, Dec 5 at 1pm

  • Registration deadline - Nov 28
  • Supply Kit Pick Up at your local Extension office - Dec 1 - 4

We use electric energy all the time! Charging our phones, keeping our food cold, lighting our home - electricity is everywhere! In this session, you can learn more about electric energy by making your very own electric motor! Join us for the session on Saturday, December 5 at 1pm as we construct our motors together. You can begin your path to a career in engineering today! – Or just come to make a cool new trinket and meet new friends!


Beginning Nature Pencil Sketching: Part 1 – Tues, Dec 8 at 7pm


Beginning Nature Pencil Sketching: Part 2 – Sat, Dec 12 at 7pm

  • Registration deadline - Dec 1
  • Supply Kit Pick Up at your local Extension office - Dec 3 - 8

Have you ever thought about sketching things you see around you then thought … “I’m not sure how to start”? These two classes (1 hour each) for beginners will give you the basics to explore pencil sketching. Shading, high lighting and composition are among the topics that will be discussed or tried. Participants will be provided with the materials to complete a small drawing and begin on another in the first session. The second session will reinforce the basics concepts with the completion of the second drawing. The ability to show the instructor your work during the Zoom class is very helpful.


Spice Up Your Artwork – Sat, Dec 19 at 1pm

  • Registration deadline - Dec 12
  • Supply Kit Pick Up at your local Extension office - Dec 15 - 18

You don’t have to go outside to find nature! You may have many all-natural mediums right in your kitchen pantry! Join us for this 4-H virtual workshop and create an art piece using all natural material of different colors and textures. A basic supply kit will be provided to teach the technique for this workshop. You may add other natural media from your home if you wish. Your finished project will be a great fit to exhibit in the 4-H Creative Arts, Nature category.

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