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Wellness Wake Up Call

Nutrition and wellness educator Kristin Bogdonas of University of Illinois Extension provides timely news, information, ideas to promote healthy living in the Quad Cities and beyond. From WVIK, Quad Cities NPR

Hear Wellness Wake Up Call at this link

Nutrient Loss Reduction Podcast

Nutrient Loss Reduction Podcast

Tune in to hear the best practices for keeping water clean and local watersheds healthy, as outlined in the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy. In the latest episode: “Are These Tools in Your Toolbox? Soil Sampling and VRT.” guests discuss the use of soil sampling and variable rate technology on farms and how these tools can help improve farmers’ bottom lines, as well as soil and water health. Guest include: Dennis Bowman, University of Illinois Extension Interim Assistant Dean for Agriculture and Natural Resources and Commercial Agriculture Educator; Amir Sadeghpour, Southern Illinois University Assistant Professor of Soil Management and Integrative Cropping Systems; Brian Corkill, farmer from Henry County; and Andy Wycislo, Waypoint Analytical, LLC, Midwest and Western Agronomist.

You can access the latest episode Are These Tools in Your Toolbox? Soil Sampling and VRT here

All past recordings of the Nutrient Loss Reduction Podcast can be accessed here

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