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We're here to help you achieve your gardening and environmental goals.


Illinois Extension connects people and their local horticulture and environmental concerns with the tools they need to pursue meaningful change. Whether it’s landscape aesthetics, sustainable practices, food production, pollinators, or a myriad of other topics, Illinois Extension has the resources people need.

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Illinois Extension is your trusted resources to grow in your horticulture and garden knowledge. From lawn care to pollinators, herbs to vegetables, Our Extension educators and specialists have developed these great websites to help you in whatever topic you need. Click here to download the flyer.

Lawn Care

There’s more to lawns than mowing. Lawns are an important part of our landscape. This website is designed to provide best management practices and current research on lawn care to help you make the decisions for your lawn. Let University of Illinois Extension help you get the lawn you desire.

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Growing Vegetables

Growing your own food can be an incredibly rewarding experience. But there’s more to it than tossing some seeds in the ground. Illinois Extension has done the research for you and presents these easy-to-understand steps for planting, harvesting, cooking, and preserving your garden's harvest. 

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Illinois Pollinators

Pollinators are a group of amazing insects that are vital to both plant life and human life on earth. In recent years, pollinator populations have been declining dramatically which has prompted an immediate need for their protection and perpetuation on the landscape. Explore our website to learn more about the fascinating relationship between these important insects and the plant life we all depend on.

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Variety of Garden Websites

Help for whatever horticulture project you're growing! Plants add beauty, food, medicines, fiber, and foundational building blocks for our everyday needs. Choose the topic you need today, or explore our range of website as you dream big dreams for tomorrow.
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Home Composting

To gardeners, compost is considered "black gold" because of its many benefits in the garden. Compost is a great material for garden soil. Illinois Extension has the resources you need to get started with home composting.

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Become a Master Gardener

Take your love for gardening to the next level and join the Master Gardener program. Join Us for Fall 2024 Training, online and Tuesdays, mid September through November for 12 weeks and "Help others learn to grow!"

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Get Your Gardening Questions Answered

Our Master Gardeners are here to help with your gardening questions. They are available in our Milan, IL office from 9 am - noon on Wednesdays May 1- Oct 2 . Call them at (309) 756-9978, or fill out a questionnaire anytime and they will get back to you with their advice and tips to help you achieve your gardening goals.

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