University of Illinois Extension connects people and their local horticulture and environmental concerns with the tools they need to pursue meaningful change. Whether it’s landscape aesthetics, sustainable practices, food production, pollinators, or a myriad of other topics, Illinois Extension has the resources people need.

Our unit is served by Martha Smith horticulture educator. She shares her 28 years of experience through a wide range of horticulture education, programs, training and research to benefit the environmental health and sustainability of our state’s ecosystems.

Martha shares information on some of her favorite plants, trees, flowers, perennials and more in her video series "Martha's Shed Talks" which you can view on our unit's You Tube Channel which you can view at

She is part of the Illinois Extension state horticulture team which also produces gardening websites, seasonal webinars and a YouTube channel to make horticultural information easily accessible to everyone.


From educational curriculum units to websites devoted to deeply exploring a single topic area, our resource collection represents best practices based on both proven and emerging research and the work of our professional education staff.
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Four Seasons Gardening


The Four Seasons Gardening Webinar Series is one of the most popular horticulture programs offered by the Illinois Extension Horticulture Team. Each season, the team hosts three live one-hour webinars delivered via Zoom. Webinars are free but registration is required and space is limited. Please click on the topics below to register.

Webinars are held on select Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m. CDT.

Upcoming Programs

What’s That Bug? How to Identify Insects | April 27

Have you ever spotted an insect and wondered what type of insect it was? Insects are all around us and play important roles in our ecosystems. Explore how to identify different groups of insects commonly found in Illinois.

Presenter: Horticulture Educator Ken Johnson

If you need live captioning support to participate in this program, please contact Andrew Holsinger, at It is strongly encouraged to submit your request at least two weeks before the program begins.

Green Screens, Fences, and Borders | May 11

The home landscape can be thought of as an extension of our living space and much like the rooms in our homes we can use plants as structural elements in the landscape. If you’ve visited an arboretum or botanical garden you’ve likely seen walls created with different plant species such as evergreens and perennial shrubs. Explore these design elements, some good species for creating screening, and design considerations for creating a green fence or screen successfully.

Presenter: Horticulture Educator Austin Little

If you need live captioning support to participate in this program, please contact Nancy Kreith at It is strongly encouraged to submit your request at least two weeks before the program begins. 

Webinar Archives

Each program is recorded and uploaded to Illinois Extension Horticulture YouTube channel. To allow time for closed captioning edits, please check the YouTube channel about two weeks after the scheduled program.