Horticulture Programs

University of Illinois Extension connects people and their local horticulture and environmental concerns with the tools they need to pursue meaningful change. Whether it’s landscape aesthetics, sustainable practices, food production, pollinators, or a myriad of other topics, Illinois Extension has the resources people need.

The Illinois Extension state horticulture team produces gardening websites, seasonal webinars and a YouTube channel to make horticultural information easily accessible to everyone.


From educational curriculum units to websites devoted to deeply exploring a single topic area, our resource collection represents best practices based on both proven and emerging research and the work of our professional education staff.
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Master Gardener Training

Take your love of gardening to the next level - Become an Illinois Master Gardener! Online Training is coming this fall. Register by September 5 for the training that starts October 3.  Learn more here

Master Gardener's Speakers Bureau

University of Illinois Extension provides speakers on a wide range of gardening topics through our Master Gardener program. If you would like to request a program for your organization, please complete this Master Gardener's Speakers Bureau form indicating your program preferences. All groups requesting talks should have a minimum audience of 12 people. Requests need to be made at least 6 weeks in advance in order to coordinate our volunteer' schedules.