4-H in Mercer County

What's it like in 4-H?

4-H helps youth find their spark! Join Illinois’ largest out-of-school youth organization, where kids and teens learn by doing with fun, hands-on activities that teach skills for successful living. We can’t wait for you to join and become part of our 4-H family!

Here are Mercer County 4-H Community Clubs you can join!

  • Alexis All Stars- 3rd Sunday @ 6 pm in Alexis | Leader Julie Olson, 309-482-3483
  • Country Kids- Last Tuesday @ 6:30 pm in Viola | Leader Ann Weber, 309-737-9518
  • Creative Kids- 2nd Saturday @ 3 pm in Alexis | Leader Joanie Bellinger, 309-513-3100
  • Hamlet Handy Helpers- 2nd Sun @ 5 pm in Hamlet | Leader Brenda Close, 309-781-5949
  • Joy Eliza Ag- 2nd Sunday @ 4 pm in Eliza | Leader Stacey Boruff, 309-221-5128
  • Kimel- 2nd Sunday @ 5 pm in Aledo | Leader Krystal Jungmann, 309-337-8189
  • Peppy Partners-3rd Saturday @ 9:30 am in Aledo | Leader Karen Dellitt, 309-587-8564
  • Saddle Teens- 2nd Thursday @ 6:30 pm in Viola | Leader Joyce Smith, 309-582-4151
  • Sherrard 4-H Club- Last Sat@ 10 am in Sherrard | Leader Barb Wiedenmann, 309-513-3100
  • Teen Federation- date & time varies in Aledo | Leader Annette Speer, 309-582-4679

Ready to Take the Next Step? You can join one of our many community clubs and be part of our 4-H family!
Just fill out this online 4-H interest form and we'll get back to you to help you find the club that works for you!

Check out the Mercer County 4-H Clubs flyer to see the dates and times our community clubs meet.

Interested in volunteering? Fill out this volunteer interest form and we'll be in touch!

Here are our current Shooting Sports opportunities in Archery, Shotgun and Air Rifle

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