Fulton County 4-Hers exhibit projects at Illinois State Fair

LEWISTOWN, Ill. - Fulton County 4-H members had great success at the Illinois State Fair Junior Show. The 68 area youth were among thousands exhibiting projects in the Junior Department of this year's fair.

4-H members earn the right to exhibit at the Junior Show non-livestock department by being selected at the county 4-H Shows coordinated by University of Illinois Extension, held earlier in the summer. 

All youth who qualified to exhibit their non-livestock projects in the Illinois State Fair Junior Department received a red, white, and blue recognition ribbon and an exhibitor button. 

The 68 Fulton County 4-H members exhibiting their projects at the State Fair were already chosen as the best of the best at our county 4-H shows.  They were

  • Dalen Bradford, Electricity;
  • Washita Bradford, Health;
  • Carsyn Braun, Photography;
  • Carlee Brown, Cooking 301;
  • Hailey Camp, Vegetable Gardening;
  • Jocelyn Camp, Visual Arts Glass Plastic;
  • Brenna Chatterton, Geology;
  • Isabella Cooper, Visual Arts Chalk Carbon Pigment;
  • Victoria Cooper, Shopping In Style;
  • Henry Deppermann, Tractor;
  • Jayla Derry, Health;
  • Bradlee Ellis, Esports;
  • Emerson Fawcett, Floriculture;
  • Jack Fitzjarrald, Weather;
  • Kate Fitzjarrald, Visual Arts Heritage Arts;
  • Lydia Fouts, Geology;
  • Kaylee Grebner, Visual Arts Food Decorating;
  • Emma Green, Leadership;
  • Brooke Hampton, Photography;
  • Avonlea Huston, Child Development;
  • Ellie Huston, Shopping In Style;
  • Aliyah Janssen, Family Heritage;
  • Hannah Johnson, Passport To the World;
  • Makenna Johnson, Floriculture;
  • Max Johnson, Entomology;
  • Ethan Keefauver, Electricity;
  • Skyler Keefauver, Child Development;
  • Isabelle Kemp, Animal Science;
  • Brittany Kline, Visual Arts Wood;
  • Declan Kotewa, Visual Arts Paper,
  • Mallory Kotewa, Visual Arts Chalk Carbon Pigment;
  • Dexter Leady, Journalism;
  • Draven Leady, Forestry;
  • Cody Lettow, Outdoor Adventures;
  • Maddy Lettow, Floriculture;
  • Taylor Malott, Visual Arts Scrapbooking;
  • Luke McEwen, Welding;
  • Wes McEwen, Computer;
  • Zack Miller, Small Engines;
  • Ella Osborn, Visual Arts Fiber;
  • Zaya Peirce, Visual Arts Chalk Carbon Pigment;
  • Charlee Pittman, Tractor;
  • Aubrianna Putman, Interior Design;
  • Tanner Putman, Sportfishing;
  • Alex Rankin, Health;
  • Elizabeth Reed, Visual Arts Scrapbooking;
  • Cole Ricker, Visual Arts Leather;
  • Brady Robinson, Entomology;
  • Ilese Rodeffer, Steam Clothing;
  • Brody Runyan, Health;
  • J.D. Runyan, Welding;
  • Kyleigh Schrock, Creative Writing;
  • Blake Shelby, Woodworking;
  • Cooper Stephens, Aerospace;
  • Lillie Stephens, Horticulture display;
  • Madilyn Stephens, Food Preservation;
  • Abbie Stevenson, Aerospace;
  • Hannah Stevenson, Cooking 401;
  • Thomas Stevenson, Cooking 101;
  • Cameron Stone, Veterinary Science;
  • Miles Strode, Woodworking;
  • Sara Stufflebeam, Visual Arts Chalk Carbon Pigment;
  • Elizabeth Suter, Sports Nutrition;
  • Hannah Tindall, Photography;
  • Morgan Tracey, Beekeeping;
  • Luke Wetterauer, Visual Arts Nature;
  • Katelyn Wickert, Steam Clothing; 
  • Kinslee Wickert, Steam Clothing.

In each class, a Champion and a Reserve Champion were also selected. Fulton County 4-H members received nine Champion and 13 Reserve Champion honors. Champion medals went to Jayla Derry, Jack Fitzjarrald, Lydia Fouts, Emma Green, Max Johnson, Zack Miller, Elizabeth Reed, Ilese Rodeffer, and Abigail Stevenson. Reserve Champion medals went to Washita Bradford, Brenna Chatterton, Kaylee Grebner, Makenna Johnson, Dexter Leady, Cody Lettow, Maddy Lettow, Charlee Pittman, Cole Ricker, Brady Robinson, Sara Stufflebeam, Elizabeth Suter, and Morgan Tracey.

Inspire Awards were given at the judges’ discretion for work they wished to highlight or acknowledge.  The nine Fulton County 4-H members receiving the Inspire Award were Henry Deppermann, Emerson Fawcett, Kate Fitzjarrald, Ethan Keefauver, Draven Leady, Cameron Stone, Miles Strode, Luke Wetterauer, and Kinslee Wickert.

The statewide 4-H youth education program is a part of University of Illinois Extension. Any Illinois youngster between ages 8 and 18 is eligible to join 4-H. For more information on the 4-H program, call the Fulton County Extension office, 309-547-3711. The new 4-H year begins September 1.

SOURCE - Janis Blout, Fulton 4-H program coordinator

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