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Healthy Trails campaign comes to Lincoln Trail State Park

Deciding to move more can have a positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. During fall, Illinois Extension educators encouraged residents to become more physically active and practice mindfulness, dreaming, and goal setting.

By partnering with Lincoln Trail State Park in Marshall, Tiffany Macke, Mary Liz Wright, and Susan Sloop created the Healthy Trails Campaign. They placed seven signs along the Airstrip Trail inside the park, starting in October 2021. This date coincided with a scarecrow display contest for local 4-H clubs which increased visibility. Each sign had an activity for participants to complete while on the trail with a link to learn more information on the Illinois Extension website.

Macke, who teaches others how to set personal goals, says taking a mindful walk in nature can enhance the physical benefits. Sloop says the signs encourage visitors to take photos along the trail and post them to Facebook using the hashtag #HealthyTrailsCCE.
The educators have plans to expand the Healthy Trails program in the spring and summer of 2022 in Crawford and Edgar county parks.