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girl doing sit ups
Read article: Fueling for fitness
Fueling for fitness
Get the most out of your workouts by fueling your body with the right nutrients before and after exercising. Fueling Before and After Exercise...
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Read article: Why are my joints feeling stiff and sore?
Why are my joints feeling stiff and sore?
If you have been experiencing stiffness, pain, and a decreased range of motion or flexibility in and around your joints, you may have osteoarthritis...
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Read article: 5 ways to reduce your risk of stroke
5 ways to reduce your risk of stroke
In honor of Stroke Awareness Month, we reviewed the signs and symptoms of strokes in our last blog from April 26 (...
Image of Man and child cooking in a kitchen together while child is flexing their arm
Read article: Don’t let your bone health be an afterthought
Don’t let your bone health be an afterthought
Osteoporosis doesn’t typically have any symptoms, and most don’t know they have it until a bone breaks. While it mainly affects postmenopausal women...

News Releases

Hunger Walk
Walk on over to raise hunger awareness
BLOOMINGTON, Ill. –The public is invited to walk, run, or ride in the first inaugural McLean County Hunger Walk on Saturday, September 16 at Tipton Trails in Bloomington to raise awareness of food insecurity. The free event is presented by the McLean County Health Community Council in...
Diabetes Clinic
Learn Beyond the Basics with Extension’s Diabetes Clinic
EUREKA, IL. – Ever wonder about things like net carbs or glycemic index; are you curious as to what you should do when you are sick? Join Nutrition and Wellness Educator and Registered Dietitian, Jenna Smith, for a lesson that will go beyond the basics of diabetes and will dive deeper into the...